Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Checking In

This is the start of our sharing NEWS segment:

Hey _____Sisters. (that's for you Caryl) All is going well up here North, so far away from everyone and everything.  I am looking high and low for a fabulous Mystery quilt for us to do but so far everything is just basic and very uninspiring.  Fear not, I shall prevail!!!!  I loved Troba getting us all to chat about what was going on and passing it forward to all.  Let's try to do that every couple of months right here on the blog.  I think this blog should be used for anything that will keep us connected.  Quilting, trips, family, spouses, you get the picture.  SHARE!!!!!  I have one thing to share with everyone as a group right now, I live with a murderer!!!! It's starting to creep me out!  Now you all know we live in the woods and there are creatures that prowl and dig and cause a lot of trouble for those of us who have homesteaded the areas meant for the creatures!!!  Raccoons are a pain in the neck!!!!!!  Death to the Raccoon, that is my husbands war cry and yes, he is a murderer of the Raccoon!  8 to be exact and the count is rising!!  Just wanted to share and let you know there is always someone who has is worst than you.  I live and love a murderer!!!!!  Shawn


  1. I just got back from a trip to the New England states to see the fall leaves. We had such a great time, and of course had to hit some quilt stores on the trip. Luckily, walking wasn't involved this time:) I did go to a quilt store in Cape Cod that was incredible. It was huge and a great selection of fabric. I bought just a few little things! My suitcase barely made the weight limit on the plane.
    So, now I have added more projects to my stack. Debbie

  2. I am a blog reject. I am not sure if this is where I comment. Yes Shawn I want to do the mystery quilt. Would a fat quarter pack be a good thing to use on the mystery quilt? I have not had a chance to look through my stash yet. I am in Charlotte getting ready to go to Myrtle beach tomorrow. I LOVE the blog. I promise to work on understanding it. Happy quilting.