Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Quilt Retreat notes

Everyone arrived on Wednesday, July 21st at Flushing, Ohio for the 2010 Quilt Retreat.  In attendance:
Shawn, Diana, Troba, Karen F., Pam, Caryl, Karen L., Elaine, Debbie, Sharon, Sheri

Lunch: brought by the food committee from Panera (good eats)
The quilts were revealed and everyone was over the moon with theirs.  Great success!
The sewing room and cutting areas were setup; the door prizes and gift giving began!!!
We visited a lot about what was going on, our families, quilting, politics, etc.  McKenna stayed for a little while after she brought her mom to the retreat.  She's a great little gal!

A book list was started and I have put that on the blog.  Please keep adding to it as we all love books that are recommended by friends.

Everyone worked on their projects and sewed and took walks laughed and just had a great time.  The service project was conducted by Sheri and Sharon.  We made tote bags to put on walkers for a rehabilitation center that was in need.  A great project.  Thanks girls!!! 

Elaine will email or post on the blog the instructions for the small snap purse.  A big hit.  I know I use mine all the time.  I keep my credit and gift cards in it.  Many tutorials were given.  I love the tutorial.  Some fabric sites offered were:  www.essentialswilmingtonprints.com and www.Missiouriquiltcompany.com  (deal of the day)  I hope these are right!

Please post the recipes that were requested by many.  We certainly ate well and would like to make some of these things now that we are home.  Also, if you have any recipe that you would like to share, we would like to receive.

Caryl left for several hours one day as she was attending a class at OSU.  Glad we were close enough for that to happen.  Of course she received an "A" otherwise, she would not have been welcomed back.  Only high achievers here!!!!!

Things that were decided:
Location for 2011 Quilt Retreat  -            Florida, at Karen F.'s
Date:                                                       As early in June as we can
Assignments:  Mystery quilt:                     Shawn
                     Logistics:                            Troba & Nikki  (Extend a warm invitation to her for 2011)   
                     Food & Lodging:                Karen F. and Shawn  (& welcome bags)
                     Gifts and door prizes:          Elaine and Debbie
                     Service Project:                  Pam and Caryl and Karen L.
                     P&P and exercise:              Sharon and Sheri
                     Mission:                              Diana

Pictures of each quilt were taken with owner.  They all looked fabulous.  Check out blog!!! Also, notice the aprons.  Our group shot was taken again by Betty from across the street.  She is a dear and several went over to take dessert and visit.

It was another successful quilt retreat.  The name of the group is:  The Stitchin Sisters (fluid).  Please put any information you might have regarding the Brice Quilt Retreat coming in February.  All are invited to attend.  Have a great Fall and I look forward to checking out our blog and seeing some great things.  Please post pictures of projects you have finished or even working on.  Let's stay connected!  We are all sisters from different mothers!!!!!!  Chow

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